What does a session look like?

It is about exploring - reconnecting - and empowering!

I approach each session without a predetermined agenda - there are no character maps or templates.  The awareness tools are the connection between what the client is saying, to how the body is responding.

Underlying the practice of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method is the belief that each person is an inseparable combination of body, mind, emotion and spirit.  Any dimension of the person allows access to the whole, in different ways at different times.

With Synergy, the body is the essential starting point for the Exploration of the Self, for it reacts, responds and remembers in its structure and its muscles the story of our lives.
The sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed on a Synergy table, sitting or standing.  Synergy sessions are done with absolute respect for the client and with full permission from the client.

My role is to be present as a caring facilitator allowing for the process of awareness, change and integration to take place. Clients are able to reconnect from the inside out and feel empowered in their own uniqueness.

Our body will take on what is happening in our life.

One belief I have is our body will take on what is happening in our life. Those happenings could be the stresses, the upsets of trauma, grief or just plain feeling stuck in some aspect of our life. And when we focus our attention to our body, we find out that the body tells the truth of what is going on!

To help you understand what I mean I would like to share a client experience. One particular lady came to see me as she was dealing with emotional and physical overwhelm in her life. She was laying on my treatment table and I was doing a leg movement that provides great information about one’s hip. I asked her, “What are you noticing in your hip?” and she replied, “It seems to be moving okay.” Well, that was not my awareness as I supported her hip with my other hand.  So I encouraged her to bring her awareness to her hip and just notice its movement. To her surprise, she stated that it was hardly moving at all! The story that developed from this awareness was her upset at not being able to move freely at home due to a very controlling mother, whom she was care giving in her home.

Her hip told the truth of what was happening in her life - metaphorically, it actually took on the stress she probably wouldn’t have been aware of had she not reached out to me. What continued was a life changing decision and a “happy hipped person” who moved freely in her own home.